Why Beeswax Candles?

With so many options for candles on the market, coupled with their rising popularity, it’s sometimes hard to choose which one to buy. Well, it might make your choice easier to know that one option is healthier for your home and for your family – beeswax. 

Why Not Soy? 

Soy wax candles contain many of the same chemical dyes and fragrances as paraffin candles, which have been receiving a bad rap lately for the toxins they release into the air, and you subsequently breathe in. Some of these toxins found in paraffin are even classed as carcinogens, which means cancer causing. An additional health problem that can be linked to soy candles is due to the high estrogen content in soy. Burning soy candles can lead to hormone disruption and can even effect estrogen-responsive breast cancer cells! 

Even the environment suffers when it comes to soy wax candles. Did you know, more than 90% of the soy beans used for wax creation are from genetically modified crops? Genetically modified crops are heavily doused in pesticides, meaning more toxins in your wax, and a massive negative impact on the soil and beneficial insects in the area. Supporting GMO is one of the top causes of the loss of bees in the recent years. 

Some cheap soy candles are also often crafted with lead wicks, bleached in petroleum jelly which poses a serious risk for lead poisoning when used on a long-term basis. If a centre of a candle wick is made of lead, unsafe levels of lead can be released into the air while burning. These candles can be identified by a silvery or dark lead core in the fabric of the wick.

Benefits of Beeswax! 

It’s arguable that beeswax candles offer the longest, cleanest burn of any candle variety on the market – meaning more value for your money. The process of making beeswax is 100% natural – as the bees do it with or without humans to watch. Since beeswax is a totally organic process, burning a beeswax candle poses no threat of toxicity to your home – in fact, when burnt, beeswax releases negative ions; meaning that the pollution and allergens already contained in the air in your home are removed. This has been proven to help asthma and allergy sufferers breathe better and experience less symptoms in their house. It is because of these properties that beeswax can purify your air in the exact same way as many expensive systems on the market, for a fraction of the price. 

While there are major concerns surrounding the dying bee population, beeswax candles encourage the bee keeping industry and help support the protection of the bees. Beeswax candles are the most sustainable, environmentally friendly choice on the market, with the healthiest contents and the cleanest, longest burn. 

The choice is easy. 

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