Why Use Turmeric?
We’ve all heard the hype around superfoods lately – however some live up to their name better than others. Turmeric has been used medicinally for centuries by a multitude of cultures, and here we’re going to discuss the scientifically backed reasons why turmeric is the perfect addition to any lifestyle.
If you suffer from arthritis, muscle sprain or other injuries, turmeric might be the solution for you. Containing anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric can be used in cooking, teas or even applied as a topical treatment to help reduce inflammation and pain surrounding it. This can even be applied to sore throats, mixing a little with milk and water to soothe the area and work on healing it, rather than using a numbing action and temporarily masking the pain like most commercial products.
Brain Booster
People who have been using turmeric over the long term, added into their cooking or drinks, have been proven to have improved cognitive functions. Consuming turmeric can help with boosting memory and mood – this fact is credited to studies that have reported on the potential of turmeric increasing the elasticity of your blood vessels, and so bettering blood flow to your entire body, including your brain. Improved blood flow to the brain is also linked to a much lower risk of developing brain diseases.
Antioxidants are responsible for helping our cells regenerate quicker – so they can help us age more gracefully, heal faster and they even help fight cancer. Not only is turmeric in itself an antioxidant, but it also boosts the rate your body can absorb other antioxidants. By neutralizing free radicals within your body, turmeric blocks oxidants at the source, and unlocks your body’s own antioxidant enzymes. This has also been found to be effective in lowering cholesterol and of course, preventing wrinkles.
So turmeric can help you fight nearly anything you would want to fight – age, health problems, sore throats and diseases. With it being so easy to incorporate into so many recipes, or add one drink a day into your routine, there’s no reason not to start now.
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