Essential Oils? Trend or True?

It seems like every day, a new company is coming forward with their essential oil range and telling us how fantastic they are for, well, everything. It’s easy to overlook products like these when they’re being repeatedly shoved in our face and the same script read over and over in an attempt to make us buy. So, let’s get to the bottom of this one – are there really any benefits to essential oils, or is just a load of hype.

Safe Alternative to Traditional Candles

Everyone loves a great smelling home – why wouldn’t you when there’s so many gorgeous scents on the market. The only problem is, that using candles or melts can release toxins into your home – and besides smelling nice, they really do more harm to your health than good. Aside from beeswax candles, which are totally safe and organic, candles have been linked to an array of serious and potential health problems, especially over long term use. Some scientists even say that the chemicals released from traditional candles can eventually be as harmful as second hand cigarette smoke! Replacing these candles with an aromatherapy diffuser eliminates the chance of chemicals and poisons being released into your home and actually puts beneficial substances into the air.


There’s an oil out there for almost everything you want to achieve, and since they’re all derived from natural substances, there’s no fear of harming your home or its inhabitants. Some of the most common oils on the market have been used for centuries by ancient cultures for the same purposes they’re used for now, and are even active ingredients in most commercial beauty, medicinal and general health products. So what are these benefits?

Cleaner Air

Essential oils such as chamomile, gum and tea tree can be used in diffusers to combat allergens in the air. These are helpful for people who suffer asthma, hay fever, dust allergies, or even those who live in polluted areas. The air will not only smell fresher and be easier to breathe in, the inhalation of these oils clears your airways allowing for easier breathing everywhere. They release ions to the air to knock out the nasties that would usually bond to the toxins released from other household appliances. They’re also a fantastic alternative to commercial air fresheners, which contain a lot of added nasties. Sometimes, the chemical scent can even linger longer than that of the pleasant additives, and causes a certain percentage of the population to suffer severe headaches and migraines, so if you are a sufferer, see if switching helps.

Sleep Better & Think Clearer

Essential oils are commonly used to promote relaxation and de-stress. Oils like lavender have been popular for years in commercial grade products for sleep aid, and a few studies have shown lavender has benefits in increasing slow-wave sleep, in which the heartbeat slows and muscles relax. A healthy sleep pattern is linked to an array of health benefits; especially mental health improvement. Oils such as bergamot contain properties that can help level out hormones when experiencing menopause, and the flavonoids present in bergamot can stimulate the production of dopamine which is key in treating anxiety and depression, as well as aiding in nerve improvement. Other helpful essential oils for mood improvement include clary sage, cedar wood and grapefruit.

Look Better Guilt Free

The properties that some oils contain release enhancements into the air that can have cleansing effects on the face and body, and in turn improve clarity and condition of skin. Additionally, oils can be used to help with the soothing of rashes and insect bites when released into the air, as well as speeding up healing processes on scratches on burns. Some more great oils to diffuse for these areas are clove, lemongrass, oregano, lavender, peppermint, and tea tree. Better yet, essential oils don’t harm the environment unlike commercial products and paraffin candles.

So, environmentally friendly, cost friendly and healthy. What more can you want? Essential oils are more than just a trend.

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